About Us

Modern Educational Systems MES was founded in May 1992 by a group of educationists and businessmen whose aim was to fulfill some educational tasks. The MES is located at Wifaq Gardens, Tla'Ali.

We started (1992) with setting up a cultural center for teaching languages, Application software, management courses and workshops, teacher training and ad hoc professional workshops. The American University of Beirut (AUB) has supervised the early beginning of the center for 2 years. AUB was involved in teacher training, course material selection, entrance and exit tests, staff selection and periodical visits.

Upon reconstruction of the company in May 2005 the activities of the center ceased and the premises of MES have moved to its present location at 37 Abdallah Azab Street Wifaq Gardens, Tla'Ali where our head office and show rooms exist and we chose to have our book distribution activities to supply schools with their requirements of text books, references and educational supplies.

MES has been assigned as an exclusive distributor of express publishing in Jordan and Palestine. Express publishing is a leading ELT provider and very well known in Jordan. We are proud to have such a partnership with express publishing as more than 300 schools are now using express english books in their K-12 grades. MES has fruitful business relations with other major international birtish and american publishers, Such as:

  • Harper Collins
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Oxford University Press
  • Hodder Education
  • Pronin
  • Pearson (Longman)
  • Scholastic Hachette Livre

And almost all the major british, american and australian publishers.

MES is a frequent attendee to world book fairs like Frankfurt, London Expo, Cairo, Sharjah, Amman etc.

Publishing books on a very selective scale for the local market. Our published books include subjects like economics, health care, history and NLP. MES is an active member of the Jordanian Union of Publishers.

Dealing with educational and teaching aids including multimedia and smart boards, quality audio and visual aids, educational toys.

Dealing with the largest schools in Jordan such as:
CMS, Modern English school, Amman Academy, Al-Samiah School, Baptist school, De Lasalle College, Islamic Scientific schools and other.